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Broken Heart Land by Vicki Lynn Mooney

BROKEN HEART LAND will open Thursday, November 6, 2014 for 12 performances. Performances will be a the Workshop Theater Mainstage in Midtown Manhattan. 


Broken Heart Land by Vicki Lynn Mooney is set in Tulsa, Indian Territory, 1903. Before Oklahoma became a state in 1907, and before the land was opened to homesteaders, whites of that time were stealthily moving into Indian Territory, intermarrying with tribal people, and trying to take their land.

Broken Heart Land is the story of Alma Wimsey, the mixed-blood daughter of a Cherokee father and white mother. At thirteen Alma is manipulated into an arranged marriage so that her white grandfather can exert control over her tribal land allotment and control miles of acreage along the railroad right-of-way through Tulsa.

But, Alma is just as willful and wily as the old man. She goes through with the marriage, but she rebels against and destroys her grandfather’s plans of empire. By embracing her Cherokee heritage, Alma frees herself to live the life she chooses and finds her own way to true love.

Special Thanks to Sponsors

Eagle Project would like to thank INTERNA by Kathleen Graves for their generous support of our production of Broken Heart Land.

Eagle Project would like to thank Pars Persian Grill House & Bar for their support of Broken Heart Land!

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We are currently raising funds for the world premiere of BROKEN HEART LAND by Cherokee playwright, Vicki Lynn Mooney.

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