Uncle Abram: A Reconstructed Uncle Vanya by Anton Chekhov 

UNCLE ABRAM will open Thursday, April 27, 2017 for 11 performances. Performances will be a the New Perspectives Theater in Midtown Manhattan.


After five years, and inspired by recent events, we at Eagle Project, in collaboration with Double Down, felt the need to try something a little different.

UNCLE ABRAM is an American retelling of the Russian classic set in the Reconstruction South.  Placed in a former plantation in south-central Missouri, this adaptation combines Native American and African American influences that both heighten and intensify the original Chekhovian text.

The backdrop being one of the most progressive periods in American history instills a hope of what is possible, along with the awareness of the delicacy of social progress.  

UNCLE ABRAM awakens our spirit for a better tomorrow, and tests our fortitude by begging the question, "What are you willing to sacrifice to change the world?"

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