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Set near the end of reconstruction, frustrated hopes are still the theme in this adaptation by director Ryan Victor ”Little Eagle" Pierce, of Eagle Project Arts.


Uncle Abram spends his time idling around the country estate of his brother-in-law, Jonathan Morrison, a retired professor, in Missouri, near the end of the Reconstruction Era. His sister (the professor's wife) dead, Abram indulges in a romantic malaise over Morrison's beautiful, young second wife, Mme. Voorhees. Meanwhile Doctor Hamilton, summoned to the estate to tend to the professor's myriad imagined aches and pains, is also in love with the enigmatic Mme. Voorhees and remains oblivious to the fact that Morrison's daughter, Sonya, yearns for him. Trouble develops when Morrison announces his plan to sell the estate (Abram and Hannah’s home) in order to invest the profits and make a fortune for himself and Mme. Voorhees. Uncle Abram explores the disruption and discontent of a small group of people in rural 19th century Missouri.


Thursday, April 27th @ 8pm
Friday, April 28th @ 8pm
Saturday, April 29th @ 3pm
Saturday, April 29th @ 8pm
Sunday, April 30th @ 7pm
Wednesday, May 3rd @ 8pm
Thursday, May 4th @ 8pm
Friday, May 5th @ 8pm
Saturday, May 6th @ 3pm
Saturday, May 6th @ 8pm
Sunday, May 7th @ 7pm


New Perspectives Theatre
456 W 37th St, New York, NY 10018
between 9th and 10th Avenues


Albert Ybarra in Eagle Project's production of WOOD BONES by William S. Yellow Robe, Jr.


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